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If you are looking to sell your ancient art or antiques at auction please send us a picture and description of your item(s). We are looking for well provenanced ancient art. Lowest consignment rate! For more info please
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Minerva Gallery is an online antiquities gallery based in the United States. We specialize in the sale of Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Mediterranean antiquities; as well as Pre-Columbian, Near Eastern and Asian antiquities. We pride ourselves in the ethical sourcing of ancient art and antiquities and adhere to strict responsible trading policies. We have a wide selection of antiquities in stock with over 5000 unique pieces selected for sale. Each piece is expertly authenticated and comes with a certificate of Authenticity stating culture, age and provenance. Just as the collector, we hold a zero-tolerance towards forgeries, and promise to uphold safe, responsible and honest trading policies. All of our items were legally acquired and are legal to sell and purchase.

Our vast inventory includes all types of ancient art from Classical Greek pottery, Pre-columbian art to Roman bronzes and Egyptian wood. If you are searching for a specific type of item that is unavailable on our site please do not hesitate to submit your request for what you are looking for under the "Wish List" section of our website. We have a wide selection in stock and can source specific pieces to match your criteria. Lay your trust in Minerva Gallery, let the past come to light and broaden your collection with Minerva Gallery.

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