Olmecoid Jaguar Mask

Olmecoid Jaguar Mask

Exceedingly Rare Olmecoid Jaguar Serpentine Mask from Guerrero, Mexico, ca. 1150 B.C. Carved from serpentine with exaggerated were-jaguar mouth and flared eyebrows.The exaggerated features of the mask demonstrate that this is an olmecoid mask rather than an actual Olmec mask. Done by a skilled artisan from the Guerrero region mimicking the Olmec style. A fantastic and scarce example!

Provenance: As with all our pieces you will receive a notarized document from the original owner stating all provenance history.  If the piece is published or from a well known collection it will be noted otherwise provenance is provided to buyers only. All of our items are legally acquired and legal to sell and buy. Unfortunately we have found the publicly listing provenance online or to potential clients leaves room for this information to be miss used and for that reason we do not list provenance publicly.

Authenticity – This piece will be accompanied by a 12 page report by Ciram Labs in France. This Lab uses the best equipment on the market and is used by most of the high end galleries in the world.

Condition – Restored from several smaller pieces with restoration over the break lines. Broken in half in antiquity with break line visible.

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